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All Smiles

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Today was dedicated to my members and school. Actually I was supposed to go to Tat’s house today but we decided that I come over on Saturday and stay until Sunday instead, not 3 days this weekend which is totally fine with me because I had tons of schoolwork to do. I didnt even get to my studying, I will do that on Monday morning when I get up. The rest of the time today I answered tons of emails from my members which of course brought tons of smiles to my face. Getting to hear from my members makes my day! I worked on my wishlists for my birthday a little thinking of little things that I would like to have. I cant believe that my birthday is coming up so soon too. Now that tax season has past I can think a little bit more about my birthday coming up. I cant wait to have a nice pomatini for my birthday dinner! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Future Plans

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

I have been getting ready to take my computer to get it fixed which I will be doing on Monday, it will be a very busy week for me next week. I have to get back into the swing of things with school, it is a really good thing that I have a spare computer because I would be completely screwed with school if I only just relied on the one. I do keep most of my stuff on it but I can do my school work with my other one for the meantime. I have really enjoyed my spring break and having the week off. To be honest I actually should have checked some things with school during the week and maybe worked on my big term paper but I was a slacker, I was a bad girl with that but I did not want to deal with that. I think that all of us want to be a slacker sometimes πŸ™‚ Maybe next year for spring break I can actually go somewhere. I dont know why that seems like such a weird concept to me, I could not imagine going anywhere for spring break, I just dont think that there is enough time to go on vacation but I guess that a week would make a good vacation. I will have to plan for that next year! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Love My Members

Friday, February 20th, 2009

I cant wait to see all of my viewers tomorrow, the time is almost here, I cant wait for Saturday to come. I am really looking forward to using my toy tomorrow too of course! Today I mainly answered emails from my members, I have been kinda busy this week with things so I spent today getting back to all of my members that wrote me some wonderful emails. Sending emails to my member always gets me so excited for the shows. I took a little break today for a few hours and my sister came over so I could fix her computer for her which I did and then we went to go get some lunch. I came back and did some more emails and then worked on some homework. Time flew by so fast and I realized that I had not even washed my long luxurious hair yet which I am about to do right now. See everyone soon πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Closing Time

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Mot jobs had the day off today but of course I had some school work to do but luckily I did not have to actually go there. Today I pretty much paid bills in the morning and then in the afternoon I ran some errands and since then I have been fixing my friends computer and doing homework. It is finally really hitting me that Circuit City is will not be around very soon or at least here in the United States. I have been stopping there almost everyday to see if there are any new deals or price cuts and there were some really cheap ass computer supplies there today, I checked at the other similar stores for the same item and it was up to double or more. I got a couple of new computer things and it was really sad looking around because the store is almost empty and there are for sale signs on the kiosks and stuff like that, my favorite store is almost gone πŸ™ I have school tomorrow so I am going to go to bed early and finish up my paper that is due tomorrow morning πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

New Things!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

I am so glad that I did not start school this week and that I have a few more days to myself. I didnt play games too much today, I did a little bit but mostly did some work on the computer. I answered some emails from my members which of course was just wonderful, my members always make me smile thats for sure!! Sometimes there are those days that pass us by where you know that you didnt do too much but it just seems like it was a long crazy day. I didnt go anywhere today but I did do lots of stuff at home. I did a lot of updating of my MP3 players, I am behind the time now, I just realized that there is a new Ipod out there. I am not sure how long it has been around but I am so behind sometimes. I knew about the touch one but I saw new one with a 120bg hard drive, that is insanely huge! I like big electronic devices like that πŸ™‚ That will make a few of you smile when you read this! I have been updating my wishlist as much as I can think of something and I have come across some cool new things. My friend came over today and she just basically talked to me while I did my work, I love getting to hear the recent drama among my girlfriends, they are funny sometimes πŸ™‚ My laptop is going to die so I must go! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

To Grandmothers House I Go

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Today it was a special family day, I love those ones because I am so very close to my family members. We all went out to breakfast and then I had to get an oil change for my car and I also needed to go to the dealership about the problem that I was having with the car but that did not happen today but at least the oil got changed. I met back up with my grandmother after the car was done and we went shopping to pick up some things that she needed. I love going shopping with the ladies!! We didnt go to too many places and besides we were only shopping to get my grandma some computer items and things for her cameras. We got some memory cards and internet things and just as we got into the car I realized that Lego Batman came out today and I had not gotten it, thats ok I will get it sometime this week maybe. We went back over to her house and did tons of work on her computer and I did get home until about an hour ago. It was quite a task to fix that computer but she was very grateful and just seeing the smile on her face makes my time all worth while πŸ™‚ I love to be able to make others happy, especially my family. So that was my day pretty much my day. Goodnight everyone! πŸ™‚ Love Ya! Michelle

Lotsa Emails

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Today was a day that I devoted strictly to answering all of my members emails. I had gotten quite a few this week and I was so very excited to be able to talk to my members. It is always a treat when I get to hear from them and when I have the time, responding is just as fun!! I had so much fun today getting to hear everything that my members said and checking out all of the great things that they sent to me! I so love having my members and I do so hope to have many of them around for a very long time. Some of the emails were naughty little fantasies that did get me rather excited but I did not have any time to stop to play with my tiny little twat. I can save all of that naughtiness for tomorrow with all of you!! Some members had some new ideas that were a little naughty and some not so naughty but they sounded like fun! This week was crazy hectic with taking care of my family so I was grateful that I had a day off to devote strictly to my members. I think Ive got a bit of cramping in my hands so I will need a nice hot bath tonight, in fact I will need that right now I believe! I cant wait to see all of my viewers and members tomorrow! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Her Majesty :)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Oh my goodness I am the queen of Rock Band!! I am so proud of myself because eventhough it does not sound that great when I sing, I can hit all of the notes on some of the songs. I a 100% on 2 songs which is hard to do and I also beat a lot of the songs on expert level today. I suck at Guitar Hero but I can sing the hell out of Rock Band! πŸ™‚ I had work earlier today for quite a few hours and it went pretty good. I got ready for work after I got up this morning. It has not been very busy so luckily I have had more time off. I got everything done that I needed to today and just as I was on the way home, my friend called me and asked me to hook some electrical equipment up for her. My lady friends are not as handy as me when it comes to things like that so I always help them out. I had to hook up a tv, some audio stuff and a Playstation 2. I thought that it would be pretty quick but it actually took longer than expected. Her other friend was over and they brought Rock Band to play so we did that when everything was hooked up. I decided to sing a couple of songs while she cooked us dinner. That is when I kicked butt on the game! I was so excited because I got a 95% on one of the songs on expert. I need to practice more so I can hit all of the notes and maybe sound ok when I do it πŸ™‚ We ate some dinner at her house after that and then it was time to come home. I just got back a couple of minutes ago and the bath is calling my name! Michelle

Gets the Job Done!

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

It has been a couple of stressful days at work and I am glad that I am almost done. Since it is the end of the month and the end of the year there has been quite a bit of work. I brought some of it home which I will do tomorrow before my webcam shows, I actually have quite a bit of work left. After that I hope to answer some of my members emails. I like to answer them before the shows so that way I can tell my members during the show that I sent them out. I cant wait to do my webcam shows tomorrow to see everyone and use my little silver bullet. I had a whole lot of fun using the Hitachi at Tat’s house last weekend and I look forward to the next time that I get to use it again. My bullet always gets the job done right too though! I havent used my toy all week so I of course I really am looking forward to getting off tomorrow and two times especially after a busy couple of days at work. After work today I drove home and had a couple of errands to run on the way. I stopped by the video game store to get something with one of my gift certificates. There was this one game for the Wii that came out last week that I have been wanting so I finally got it today. I cant wait to play it! I will probably get to that on Sunday hopefully. Right now I am gonna get in my nice hot relaxing bath and then get ready for bed. See everyone soon! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Well it was the day after Christmas today and I did have work for a little while. I had some cleaning up to around the house so I was working on that for quite some time until my boss called for me to go into the office. I work up early this morning to go into the office but instead my boss called me and told me to hold off until later. That all worked out for me just fine because I had a lot to do and had some things to get. After I cleaned the house I got ready to go out and get a few things. I mentioned last night about how I did not want to go out in the crowds but I was actually pretty surprised because the stores were not nearly as busy I thought they would be. There were quite a few people out but I expected crazy crowds! I love being pleasantly surprised! I went to the electronics store to get a couple of things with one of my gift cards from yesterday. I got myself an extension cable for my Guitar Hero 2 guitar since it is not wireless. I also got a couple of things for my Nintendo DS, I have never had a high definition tv until now and I realized that there were a couple of things that I needed to get for it. I ended needing some new types of wires for the connections. Everything is digital now and I was still stuck in the analog age. I got an HDMI cord and some other high definition cords for my Wii system. I feel a little bit more high tech now but I have yet to set up all of this. I should be doing that tomorrow after work. Since my boss never called me while I was out that means that I will just have a long day of work tomorrow. Its all good though because I got some things dine today that I needed to do. I hope that everyone had a great first day back to work after the holiday πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Cant Get Caught!!

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

I have had a very busy day at work today, I had whole lot of work to do since I did not want to go in tomorrow. I generally do not like to go into the office if I have webcam shows on the weekend. It is really hard to go in in the morning and then get back in time to get ready. Usually I do it at the end of the month and thats it! I was the only one in the office today for a while and then my boss decided to come in later on in the day, it is a good thing that I had no time to be a naughty girl because that may have been a bit embarrassing and I probably would have gotten in trouble. I usually like to save my naughtiness for the weekend anyway!! Eventhough I had a lot of work it was still a great day, me and my boss talked for a while pretty much about the holidays coming up. I have no idea what I will be doing for New Years yet, I know that I will be seeing my family on Christmas day but after that I dont quite have plans yet. I need to talk to my friends and see what they will be doing. One of my friends birthday’s is tomorrow so on the way home from work today I had to stop and get her a present. She is pretty easy to shop for, I bought her a cute top and I will be giving it to her tomorrow night after the second webcam show. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone very soon, I cant wait for us all to get naughty together and of course talk about video games and other important things in life πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

I just Love Pj’s!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

I had a pretty good day today, work and school was alright. I got out of class that then drove to work but unfortunately I hit a little bit of traffic, not too bad though. My day at work was pretty good and went by faster than expected. I got everything thing done that I could and left when I go tired. I got on the freeway thinking that traffic would have died down by the time that I left but no such luck. In fact there was an unusually large amount of traffic. There must have been an accident. I felt like I had been sitting in my car forever and eventually I just decided to get off the freeway and kill some time. I stopped at a Target that was off of the road to look again for a while and I am so glad that I did!! I stopped at one that I had never been to before and I was looking around at everything. I was looking at office supplies and then I happened to glance over and what did I see? 2 pairs of pink footie pj’s in my size! It was just amazing because Target sells out of the footie pj’s in my size before I am ever able to get a pair and they both happened to be my favorite color and on sale! I looked back at the department that they were from and there were none in my size, it was like they were put there just for me. Needless to say I am wearing a pair right now and they are keeping me nice and warm! I just love pj’s, I would wear them everywhere if I could! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Mario Rules!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

Another Monday has come and is almost gone. I went into work today for a little while until I did everything that I could do for the day. I will be going in tomorrow after school to get some more work done. Work was pretty uneventful. I was trying to hurry my ass up the whole day so I could leave and pick the game that I had been waiting to come out for years. I was so excited for today to come because today was the release date of Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii. This game was one of the main reasons why I wanted the Wii in the first place, it was supposed to come out when the Wii came out but they kept pushing the dates back. I have known about this game for a very long time and have been waiting in anticipation for it finally come out. Mario and Zelda are probably my favorite game series ever and I am one big gamer, so everyone can imagine just how excited I was. I finally got done with work and today sure seemed like forever! I left in a hurry and rushed over to the video game store to pick up my copy. Luckily I had pre-ordered it because there were no copies for sale left. I just couldnt wait to get home with my new game. I played it for only a little while now and I must say that I am very impressed and think Nintendo has outdone themselves again!! Ok I am going to get back to it! πŸ™‚ Goodnight everyone. Michelle

I Hope No One Heard Me!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

I had school today as usual and then after that I had to go into work. I had so much work to do and was hoping to get most of it done today but unfortunately I got a really bad headache and left early. It was ok though because I am just going to go back in on Friday to finish up which is when I usually go in anyway. I drove straight home and laid in bed for a while to get rid of the headache and after taking a quick nap and some medicine it went away so I was ready to do some homework. I had quite a bit of it since I have not sat down and worked on it for a while. I was procrastinating a little bit which I said that I would not do this semester but I have been really busy for the past week. I worked on homework for a little while but then I decided that I would like to take a little break to spend some time with myself and my toy πŸ™‚ Luckily my little silver bullet was still out on the dresser so I picked it up and went right to town. I had on a little skirt that I was wearing around the house so I just took my panties off and pulled up my little skirt to use my toy. I got my little pussy off using my toy and it was wonderful. I had such a big orgasm and i had to be quiet because I knew that my roommate was coming home. I am usually pretty quiet anyway but today I let out a little moan when I came! I hope no one heard me πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

New Responsibilities

Monday, November 5th, 2007

I had a busy day today but yet a fun day. I am not quite sure why it was a good day probably because nothing really went wrong and I did everything that I needed to. I had a few things to do at work today and I need to go in to finish up tomorrow and then hopefully I will have the rest of the week off and just school to attend. Work went pretty well and since there has been more business lately I have a couple of added responsibilities and tasks. That doesnt bother me eventhough I have a crazy schedule usually, I still love my job and actually look forward to going most of the time. After work today I met my friend and my sister at the mall to get a couple of things. My friend was looking for a little gift for her boyfriend so me and my sister were there to help her. This is my friend that always has the crazy drama going on. We all had fun at the mall but I could not stay too long because I had to stop at the store and pick up some dinner. I had the hugest craving today for a wedge salad and some fresh fruit so that is what I had to get at the store for dinner. Oh my gosh, my wedge salad was just so wonderful!! I dont usually eat iecburg lettuce but it was just yummy. I had a big apple and grapes with it, I really enjoyed my meal! I am getting ready for bed now because I have school early in the morning. Since I dont have as much work tomorrow I look forward to coming home and answer some emails and seeing how my members are doing. Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Imaginary Boyfriend

Friday, November 2nd, 2007

Wow it has been such a busy work week and I finally just finished all of my work that I had to bring home. I have to finish up some things but I can do that on Monday. I dont have to go in this weekend luckily. I had work all day yesterday and did not get home until late. Well actually it was not all day because I had school first but it sure felt like I was there for a really long time. I had fun at school and got to work in a group with the hot boy in my class again. I love it when the teacher puts us together! I learn a little bit more about him each time we work together. I actually kind of talked to him this time. Of course he had to talk about his girlfriend and was asking me advise about ladies. While I was talking to him about his girlfriend I was think about how cute he was and how he should be my boyfriend. It is a good thing that he could not read my mind because I think that I would be rather embarrassed thinking naughty things about him. We didnt talk for very long but I enjoyed the time that I had staring at his cute face! The of course after that class I had to go into work. I cant wait until next week when I get to see my imaginary boyfriend again and oh I do look forward to seeing all of my viewers tomorrow!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

It is Halloween today, well it is almost over now. I was really looking forward to coming home and watching some scary movies but I had so much work to do at the office. I had school in the morning and then I had to go straight to work. I ended up being there longer than I expected. Luckily my roommate was home to pass out candy to all of the little trick or treaters. We still have lots of candy left over which is good for me! I was so excited to come home because there was a Halloween movie that I had never seen on tonight. I was really surprised because I thought that I had seen them all. I taped it so I can watch it later. I will probably watch it after work tomorrow because I am really tired tonight, it was a long day. I have school early in the morning and then work again tomorrow. I think that I am going to take nice hot bath in my birthday suit and then watch some TV until I fall asleep :)A nice hot bubble bath sounds like it will hit the spot! I hope that everyone had a fun and safe night tonight! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Crazy Girl!

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Yet another school and work day today. My classes went alright today and of course I stared at the cute boy in my class today. He doesnt seem to talk much but thats ok because I just like to look at him. It is too bad that he has a girlfriend but thats ok anyway because I dont have time for emotions and boy drama πŸ™‚ After school I had to hurry to work and it is a good thing that I got most of it done yesterday because I had to fight a whole lot of traffic today. It sucks when there is traffic on the freeways here when there really is no reason for it. I made it to work a little late but my boss did not care. I got all of my work done and then had to fight traffic on the way home. My friend ended up showing up at my house because she was having boyfriend drama and needed to talk to one of her girlfriends. We talked for a while and then went out to get some food. We went back to my house and played some video games together and of course I won most of the games. We were going crazy playing Rayman on the Wii, some of the mini games on there were pretty hard! After seeing her for while and hearing about all of her drama it kind of made me happy when she went home and I had my room to myself. I am so excited about movie night tomorrow!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I had my one class today and then after that I work. We have a couple of new employees so of course that means more business so I definately had my work cut out for me. I got as much of it done as I could and I am going to go back tomorrow to finish up. I was working so very hard today and trying to haul ass to get out of there and I actually surprised myself. I got a lot more done than I thought I could which means less for tomorrow. My class went ok today, I was feeling better when I woke up so I decided to go to school. Luckily I didnt miss to much yesterday. I got a hold of my teachers and got my make up homework which I actually just finished! I got all of it done and then took a nice hot and washed my long gorgeous hair. I do love having long hair but I must say that washing it is quite a task and I really need to put time aside to wash all of it and then brush it. It is a good thing that I dont blow dry my hair because that would take even longer. So now I am pretty much ready for bed but before I snuggle up in the covers I want to say how excited I am for 30 Days of Night to come out. It comes out on Friday and I cant wait!! I am not sure if it will be good or just a bunch of hype. Either way I still wanna see it in the theatre!! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Big Piece of Meat

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Well I had school today and I had to get the work that missed from my classes yesterday. I hardly ever miss school but I didnt feel up to going yesterday and I had some things to do. I figured since the end of the month is the busiest at work, I should probably take it easy a bit this week. Luckily I have the same person in two of my classes so I was able to get the work from that class from her and I really didnt miss much. I had to email the instructor for my other class to see what missed. I was feeling a bit better today than I did yesterday, just loading up on vitamin c. School went pretty good, I had only one class today and it was laid back. I had work right after class so after I got out I got myself some lunch and then I was off to the office. I didnt stay too late today because I was expected to have dinner with my family so I had to hurry up and finish my work. I got done what I could and I will just finish up everything tomorrow after school. Dinner with my family was really yummy, we all went to Outback steakhouse and I had a big huge steak! I just love a big piece of meat πŸ™‚ Of course I do prefer my steak well done. The potato was so good and salty, I love the skin! After dinner we walked around for a while to work the food and then I came home. I didnt get to play Halo today πŸ™ so I am hoping that I will get home at a decent time tomorrow so I shoot up some bad guys! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle