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A Day to Remember

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Ok this is a serious diary tonight because today was a day that will be remembered by everyone around the world. I am first going to pay my respects to Mrs. Farrah Faucett who had a long battle with a devastating cancer that took her life, I saw her story on tv a few months ago and it really made me feel for her and her family, her story touched me and I am glad that she is not suffering anymore. Now of course every single person in the world has heard about the other loss today. There was a huge loss in the music world, a musical legend has passed away and regardless of any personal feelings about him, it still was a huge loss and he will be missed. So many people mourned the loss here in Los Angeles and this day will go down in history. My heart goes out to his family and that of Farrah’s as well. Michelle

Taking it Easy

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

I must say that I have the sweetest members in the whole world! They are so very thoughtful and just completely amazing! I was so surprised to see all of the sweet emails from them today. I did get home from Tat’s house ok and I just rested when I got home since I was not feeling very good this weekend. I never really cancel my shows unless I absolutely have to and I so did miss everyone on Sunday but I needed to take it easy. Yesterday I just relaxed all day and didnt want to do anything. I am always tired when I get back from Tat’s house and besides that I was not feeling good. I feel much better today, I pretty much took it easy today too and did things around the house. I met my family for lunch and then went home. I still have not received my grades yet so tomorrow I am going to go to my school to see what the hold up is. Thank you so much to my members for the sweet feel better emails πŸ™‚ Love you guys! Michelle

Another Potpourri

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

It seems like the flu has been going around over here in California, luckily not the swine flu as far as I know which is good. I was feeling a little under the weather today, I had a few members this weekend that were not feeling good too. I have wanted to get into a good game lately and I will be able to do that on Friday possibly. I love it that my members keep me all up to date with the news and what is happening in the world. An unfortunately incident has come to my attention and I wanted to mention it because it goes along with my line of work. A young lady model was attacked by 2 crazy women in public and she was injured pretty bad. It is really sad what lengths jealous angry people will go to just because they are unhappy with their own lives and insecurities. It makes me realize that even though I love what I do there is definately a level of safety involved. Thank you to my members for keeping an eye out for me and I do hope that my members that were feeling icky are getting better πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Cry Like a Baby

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Today I had tons of things to do around the house and I pretty much just took it easy because I was not feeling very good when I woke up. Dont worry everyone I dont have swine flu, it just was one of those days. Oh yes and about that, I wish everyone the best that has been affected by this flu. Today since I was taking it easy a bit, I decided to catch up on some of my shows on my DVR and there was a huge sob fest at my house!! First I watched a show about Progeria and it seems like there has been a huge medical breakthrough for this, I really hope that it will have a positive effect on the children affected by this illness. It was sad to watch that show but then I watched to movie Pedro and cried like a baby. I had never known his story and it was an amazing one!! Hugs and kisses for everyone! Michelle

Best Sci-Fi Ever!

Monday, April 13th, 2009

My other diary was a little sad but in this one I want to talk about something that I am excited about that is coming up. The very first thing that I absolutely cannot wait for and I know that many members will agree with me on this. Oh my gosh, I absolutely cannot wait for Terminator Salvation to come out. I think that Terminator might be my favorite Sci-Fi series ever!! I love Star Wars but I think that I love Terminator even more. I dont even care that the last one kinda sucked, I still liked it. I must admit though, I am a little disappointed in myself because as I am typing this I am realizing that such a fan like myself doesnt even watch the tv show and I should. Oh well, I still cant wait for the new movie!! I kinda had my mind on other things yesterday but I thought about the new movie coming up and got excited all over again! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Sweet Little Toy

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

I absolutely cannot wait to use my toy tomorrow since I didnt get to all week long. I was taking it easy at home this week but it is almost Saturday and I look very forward to using my sweet little toy especially since I have been answering my members emails today. I cant wait for the moment at the first show when I get to get that toy out in front of all of my viewers and know that they are all going to be getting naughty with me!! This morning when I woke up I noticed that my leg was doing much better than it had been this week and I am so happy about that because that means that I will be to do my webcam shows. I wasnt able to bend my leg before but today I woke up and realized that I could do it now and it should be even better by tomorrow! Yay! πŸ™‚ It will be so great to see everyone tomorrow, I hope you are all as excited as I am! πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Taking it Easy

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Well I am such a huge dork because I once again injured myself on my Wii Fit. I wonder if this ever happens to anyone else, probably not. I was doing my workout on Monday and then yesterday I woke up with an extremely sore leg. I think that I need to stretch before I have such a crazy Wii Fit workout. I think what happens is that when I do my Wii Fit it does not ware me out like the treadmill does so I work out even harder and then nonsense like this happens. I have been at home in bed all day long because I cant really walk very well because my whole calf is sprained or something. I am going to the doctor tomorrow to have it looked at. I never miss days at school but yesterday I was not there because my leg hurt so bad. It is so funny too because I called Tat and Lori to tell them and Tat knew right away how I hurt my leg, the princess can be predicable sometimes πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

What are the Odds?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

I just cant the bit of bad luck that I have been having with my 360 lately, I know that I already wrote about my 360 last night but I am going to post this diary in hopes that maybe one of my many members that own the system can possibly help me out! πŸ™‚ Well I got my new system yesterday and was so happy about it but then as I was playing this morning it kept freezing over and over again and I had to physically get up and turn it off like 5 times, and then one time as it was doing that it made the most awful noise ever and destroyed my game!! I was so not happy about this, not only because the system was brand new but mostly because it broke my game! I took it back and got a new system and game luckily and was all excited to bring it home and set it up, besides what are the odds that I would get another bad 360? Well pretty high for me I guess because it seemed to be working right but it makes this obnoxious grinding noise when I play a game, it has not destroyed any disks yet but I kinda dont want wait until it does so I think that I will return it tomorrow. I have just had bad luck because a month ago I got a rechargable battery pack made by Microsoft that was completely defective and screwed up my controller. Sometimes things like this happen to me and I like to just sit back and laugh because it could only happen to me! πŸ™‚ So today I was taking care of that pretty much and will be again tomorrow and besides that I hung out with my friend and vented to her about this nonsense and she vented to me about her crazy boyfriend and then I met my family for some dinner, it was very yummy and I was happy to be able to see them!! I cant believe that I start school so soon, I am not ready yet but I will be by next week πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

New Things!

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

I am so glad that I did not start school this week and that I have a few more days to myself. I didnt play games too much today, I did a little bit but mostly did some work on the computer. I answered some emails from my members which of course was just wonderful, my members always make me smile thats for sure!! Sometimes there are those days that pass us by where you know that you didnt do too much but it just seems like it was a long crazy day. I didnt go anywhere today but I did do lots of stuff at home. I did a lot of updating of my MP3 players, I am behind the time now, I just realized that there is a new Ipod out there. I am not sure how long it has been around but I am so behind sometimes. I knew about the touch one but I saw new one with a 120bg hard drive, that is insanely huge! I like big electronic devices like that πŸ™‚ That will make a few of you smile when you read this! I have been updating my wishlist as much as I can think of something and I have come across some cool new things. My friend came over today and she just basically talked to me while I did my work, I love getting to hear the recent drama among my girlfriends, they are funny sometimes πŸ™‚ My laptop is going to die so I must go! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Catching Up

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

I woke up this morning and felt much better than I did the last couple of days but I still took it easy today. Actually today I answered a ton of emails from my members, I was so glad to get to that. I have a few that I will be getting to tomorrow after I get home from another dentist appointment. That is pretty much my only plan for tomorrow, oh yeah and washing my luxurious hair of course! My members have been so sweet lately, I am so happy to do what I do and get to know so many wonderful people. It makes me feel so good to know so many great gentlemen and ladies! I caught up on some shows today while I was working on emails. I must say that I love the new season of The Real World, I love the cast on it, a few people are not too memorable yet but I think that it will be a good season. Oh my gosh, I am not sure if I talked about this yet and if I have then you can really tell how excited I am about it. There has been marathons on every single day of my favorite show Unsolved Mysteries and since I have been taking it easy I have watched as much as possible every day. It has been wonderful and just as good as ever if not better because most of the stories are solved now since they are updates. I just loose it when I see people reunited on that show, I am such a baby and I cry up a storm! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Surprise! :)

Monday, December 29th, 2008

I was so tired of shopping with the Christmas crowd so I decided to stay at home all day long and do nothing!! I love to just putz around the house and do a whole lot of nothing. I put school stuff on hold and everything on hold pretty much, I wanted to entire day to myself. I actually just messed around with my new phone and computer stuff today. I was messing around on my phone so much that I did not even get any gaming in, I will have to do that tomorrow. My friend ended up surprising me by showing up to my house which was really nice so I did not really have the whole day to myself really, thats ok though because I love getting to see my friends and family and of course talking to my members πŸ™‚ Eventhough I thought that I was going to take the day off from shopping, I really didnt because my friend needed me to dye her hair so we had to go and get supplies for that, I must say though that I dont ever mind a trip to my favorite store, Target. Besides that I have a few gift cards but I didnt find anything. I just made a homemade lovely dinner for me and my friend which I am going to eat right now, have a wonderful night everyone πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses!! Michelle

Resting Up

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Ok I have dinner calling out my name so I am going to make this diary quick. I came back from Tat’s house pretty early yesterday because me and Irol were not feeling too well. I did not want to exhaust myself even more especially with finals coming up right around the corner. I was so incredibly tired when I got home from Tat’s that I pretty much just made myself some food and then took a nice hot bath and then fell asleep. I went to bed so early last night or at least earlier than usual, I didnt even watch tv before I went to sleep which I always do that. I think that I have been running around so crazy in the last few months that I was starting to get a little run down, I know to just give up and take it easy at that point which is what I did. I felt quite a bit better when I woke up this morning, I still felt a bit under the weather so I took it easy for the most part and just stayed at home and studied. I had a great day at school and found out that I am doing exceptionally well in one class but not so much for the other, I will have to work on that! I am going to eat and then go bed because I am still a tired girl! Hugs and kisses to all! Michelle

Giving Girl

Friday, October 10th, 2008

I went to bed early last night since I was so tired and I woke up a little while ago and could not go back to sleep so I decided to do my diary and a little bit of studying. I have my mid-terms coming up soon so I have quite a bit of studying to do, I would like to some good grades on them so I need to not procrastinate and actually do it. Sometimes these moments really early in the morning are so peaceful and relaxing, I love quiet moments to myself sometimes. Yesterday I had a huge project going on, it was time to go through all of my things and donate to the Goodwill. I havent done that in a while and it always makes me feel great to be able to give to others. I donates so many bags of stuff that they barely all fit in my car and luckily I didnt have a long way to drive to deliver them. It is Friday now which means that it is almost Saturday which means that it is almost time for me to use my tiny pink bullet and see everyone at the cam show. I got to use Hitachi last time at Tat’s and I am looking very forward to using my bullet again! Today I have lots of errands to run and then go have dinner with my family. Oh yes and I hope to maybe see a movie somewhere in there but I dont think I will get to that. Maybe I will have to go see Quarantine on Sunday then, I cant wait! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

relaxing day

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Today was my day off but I pretty much just spent the day studying and sleeping in late. My friends didnt leave my house until 4 in the morning again so I didnt get to bed until after 5, I really needed to sleep in this morning but eventually I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed πŸ™‚ I laid in bed relaxing for about an hour just watching the tv and then after that I got out my computer and school books. I did some studying first and did quite a bit of homework. I have another Anatomy class coming up. I dont like it that one of my teachers gives us all quizzes every single class period. Its ok though because I did quite a bit of it today, I should ace my next test!! After I did some studying, I got on the computer to answer a few emails and it is so great whenever I get to hear from many of my members, and of course my member tend to make me feel a little naughty so I think that I will have to use my tiny little toy before bed. The batteries in my bullet are almost completely dead but I think that I can get out one orgasm with them πŸ™‚ Oh I feel like being naughty before bedtime and so I must be going. Gonna get into a nice hot bath and then after that get into my soft warm bed and use my bullet to get this little pussy off!!! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Dressing Up

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Today was another lovely day, it was the second day of my vacation and I am having a wonderful time of course. Tonight I wore a beautiful dress because it was the a formal dinner night and I felt like such a pretty lady in it! I was so excited to get all dressed for dinner! I have such a full tummy because I ate some fillet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables. Oh yes and I got to try something that I have always wanted to taste and that is escargot, it was just marvelous! I always wanted to taste that and knew that once I did I could not think about the fact that I was eating snails. They were so yummy, they were kinda similar to a clam and I just love clams! I got off of the ship earlier in the day but did not hang around town too much, I really just wanted to stay on the boat. You know it is so funny because I am really terrified of water, well the ocean in particular but yet I love the idea of being on a big ship. I guess that is one of those things about a lady that no one will understand πŸ™‚ I laid out by the pool for a little while before dinner and the sun felt so wonderful that I actually ended up taking a little nap. Oh yes and I got an amazing message today, I should get those more often, I felt like jello afterwards and felt like a million bucks!! I sure love a great vacation!! Hugs and kisses! Michelle


Friday, August 15th, 2008

I am feeling much better today but I still took it easy. I have to do tons of things tomorrow to prepare for my little trip. I was hoping to get some things done this week but I only really had Monday because I got sick on Tuesday and have been resting since then. I am going to meet my family for a picnic lunch in the morning and then I have tons of laundry to finish. I also have to go to my school to pay fees so that I can start the new semester when I get back. I answered lots of emails from my members tonight which made me so very happy. I always laugh and smile so much when I get to read and respond to my members. I got to most of them tonight but I have a couple to answer tomorrow when I get back home. I am not sure what time that I will get back from doing all of my errands but I hope it is not too late because I sure would love to play some video games. I actually have not played much since I have stayed at home in bed. I mostly slept and caught up on my shows that I have not been watching. I would like to play some games on my Wii I think or maybe Bioshock although that one is too scary, my roommate will have to be home πŸ™‚ I will be writing all about how my day actually turns out tomorrow πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses to all!! Michelle


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

In my Saturday diary entry I had written that I had a hell of an interesting morning and would talk about it the next day. Well the excitement of the cam shows kind of made me forget about my interesting morning. I did discuss it on the Sunday show but that was briefly and I have had a few members curious about what happened. Ok so here is the story πŸ™‚ On Saturday I made some calls from the yellow pages to see if I could find that ridiculous computer part that I need and I finally found a place that could help me. they actually had the piece in their store. I was so unbelievably excited because I was not sure if I would ever be able to find the piece. I hurried up and got ready to go and went to unplug the computer but my hair got in my way for a sec and I ended up grabbing one of the metal prongs and oh my gosh!! I was shocked so bad, I could actually feel the waves of electricity going into my fingers, it was really scary because I have shocked before but nothing like this. I thought that my fingers were going to fall off or something, just kidding πŸ™‚ So that was my big dramatic story and the good news is that my computer now works kinda πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses!! Michelle

Elm Street Marathon

Saturday, June 7th, 2008

Ok I hope that I have enough battery left for me to do this diary entry. I love my laptop but one thing that sucks about portable items is that battery power usually does not last too long. The battery is just about to die but I have been on the laptop for a few hours answering emails from my members while I had a movie on the television. I had to watch a scary movie tonight not only because it is Friday but also because it was Robert Englund’s birthday so guess what movie I had to watch? Yes that is right, Nightmare on Elm Street! That is one of my favorite series ever and I think that I like New Nightmare the best, I pretty much love anything that Wes Craven makes anyway. The movie was just as good as good and scary as ever and I will be watching more in the series throughout the weekend. Besides that today I hung out at home pretty much, I left for a little while to run some errands but wasnt gone long. I keep talking about how I wanted to do a good spring cleaning and that is coming along slowly but surely. I had a bit of allergies this morning when I woke but then they went away mid day and now the allergies from hell have visited me unfortunately but hopefully they will be better tomorrow. Ok my battery is going to die any second so I must end my diary here! See you all very soon πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I ended up falling asleep last night before I was able to type a diary entry. I just wanted to relax all day long yesterday since I had worked at Tat’s house for the weekend. Yesterday I actually had quite a bit of the house to clean. I was cleaning for hours and once I was done I decided to make some fresh squeezed lemonade with fresh mint and it was just wonderful. I had never made fresh lemonade before so I did what I thought was the right way to make it and it sure turned out amazing. It was such yummy lemonade, I had some fresh mint that put in the lemonade it was just delicious! Then my roommate came home with a couple of movie rentals so I decided to relax and watch some movies. I called my other girlfriends to see if they could come over too but all of my lady friends were busy out trying to find sexy young men to hook up with for the night. I am a more laid back type of lady and I just love to stay inside my nice warm apartment and watch some movies on the couch. When the movie was over I went into my room to answer some emails and check up on some things on my computer. I had quite a few emails since this weekend so I answered what I could and will finish up tomorrow. Right now my bath is just waiting for me! πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses to all! Michelle

Wii Wanna Be Fit

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Well I got my Wii Fit and let me just say that it is the best gaming invention in the entire world, those makers at Nintendo need to win an award or something because just the Wii itself is amazing and the Wii Fit is just awesome! First of all, the balance board that you stand on is cool because it is a scale and it can detect all of your body movements as you exercise. I love this program because I can switch things up however I like, kinda like how I do my own personal routine. There is yoga, strength exercises, aerobic games and balance games and a good work out with this really wares me out and works my muscles. I love this one hula hoop game where I spin my hips around like I am Hula Hooping, it works out my great and I think that I may look kinda cute doin it πŸ™‚ I ended up hurting my arm yesterday from playing Wii Tennis and Baseball a little too hard last night. I didnt get back from my families house until later and I wanted to get a workout in so I tried the Wii Sports. I will have to brush up on that one along with my Dance Revolution workout. Since I hurt my arm a little I just pretty much took it easy today and did a low impact workout. Then I answered a few emails and after a couple of hours it was back to Guitar Hero before bed. I didnt play too many songs, Im a tired girl so I am going to hit the hay! πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michele