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Sexy Spandex Pants

Friday, June 12th, 2009

I came over to Tat’s house today for the weekend. I have a couple of webcam shows tomorrow and I am so excited to see all of my viewers. I got some awesome birthday presents today, actually my birthday was last month but these were not here last week for me to pick them up. I got a couple of adorable dresses that I cant wait to wear for my webcam viewers and I got this really cool DVD player, it is like the coolest portable DVD player that I have ever seen. I cant wait to play with it! I am actually going to right after I finish up this little diary entry. I also got the cutest little pink hard drive that is perfect for a princess such as myself. I also got some other great birthday gifts from the last time that I came over to Tat’s house that I talked about in my diary already. Today I got to wear some very sexy spandex pants that are so hot and shiny!! Actually I got to wear a spandex shirt with them too!! It is so much fun to come over to Tat’s house and shoot some naughty videos, oh yes and I get to use Hitachi tomorrow, I forgot to add that in last nights diary! I am so very excited to get off with Mr. Hitachi tomorrow during the cam shows! I cant wait for that very first orgasm of the day!! See you all really soon! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Sexy Leotard

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

I came to Tat’s house this weekend and I was so excited to get to use Hitachi. Sometimes I want one at home but then I think that it is so much more special to be able to use it at Tat’s house. My drive here was pretty good, there were not too many problems. I was actually talking to one of my members about traffic this week. Other states have really horrible traffic like we do here although I could not imagine traffic worse than in Los Angeles. When I got to Tat’s house I got to open up a few birthday presents from my members, that was so wonderful!! I love getting presents from my members! I got a few but there were a couple that did not get here yet so I get to open them the next time that I come over to Tat’s house next month. That will be great! Today I got ready for my cam show and had an awesome show and then after that I shot a couple of sexy videos of me in my adorable leotards, one of them was a sexy thong leotard. I felt like Jlo in it with my juicy tushy πŸ™‚ I love the way how the leotard is so tight and covers my tiny little body. I feel like such a hot woman in one of those and in the tights too of course!! Well I cant wait to see everyone tomorrow! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

No Panties ;)

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

I came to Tat’s house today and I got to use my Hitachi which was just wonderful!! I said yesterday that I just could not wait for that first orgasm from the Hitachi, every orgasm is great but there is something special about the first orgasm of the weekend. In the first show today I had on the prettiest little orange dress which was quite see-through. I think that all of the viewers liked it because I heard about how pretty I look in orange. Usually I am pretty in pink but it looks like orange is a nice color too. The first outfit was cute but the second outfit is what the viewers really liked, I felt so incredibly naughty in it because I was not wearing any panties! I always love to wear panties but in the second show I didnt wear any at all and just had on a garder belt and stockings underneath my dress. I think that many gentlemen like a lady in stockings with a garder belt and I sure was happy to show it off for everyone!! My pussy was so very wet during the second show from all of the naughty videos that we had been shooting in between the shows. My pussy was just so creamy by the second show, I was an extra naughty girl today for not wearing panties with my dress and going to town with Hitachi!! I cant wait to see everyone tomorrow! Hugs and kisses for everyone!! Michelle

Western Vixen

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

I came to Tat’s today and I have had a lot of fun doing my webcam shows and shooting some scenes. I come to Tat’s house once a month and I sure love it when I get to because we have such a good time and of course Mr. Hitachi is here! During the second show I had such a huge orgasm that the viewers said that it sounded like I was singing. I thought that was rather funny but as long as everyone enjoyed it that is what matters, I know that I sure enjoyed it! I love it when I have such big orgasms like that, I think that everyone does. Maybe it was the outfit that I was wearing that made me so extra excited, it was a very sexy lingerie outfit. It was red satin with black lace trim. It reminded me of a sexy outfit that would be in an old black and white western photo. I felt like I should be at Knott’s Berry Farm taking an old fashion picture and I sure felt sexy in it! The first outfit was one to remember too because it was a rocker girl type of number and was red and black too actually. There were these lovely thigh highs that went with it too along with a short little skirt and a cute shirt. I get a lot of compliments when I wear the leg warmers because they are like tights and socks at the same time and show my cute little toes. I cant wait to see everyone again tomorrow! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Made it Home

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

I had a lot of fun at Tat’s house again this weekend and I got to shoot lots of great videos. I dont usually stay at Tat’s house for 3 days, I only stay for the weekend but since I am out of school for the summer so I have a bit more free time. This weekend we watched a really good movie called The Signal. As everyone knows because I talk about it all the time, I just love scary movies, they are my favorite and the movie that we watched was really entertaining. It was a really great horror flick and I was surprised that I had never heard about until this weekend. It was scary, gory and funny all at the same time. I would definately recommend it to anyone that likes scary movies like I do. There are a couple of horror flicks coming out soon that I am going to see in the movie theatre. Now that my friends are out of school too hopefully we can start seeing scary movies on Friday at the movie theatre again, I sure miss doing that! As for the rest of my weekend, I had an amazing time playing Hitachi during my shows and during a couple of videos. I always love to use the Hitachi and I always forget how wonderful it really is until I rub it on my tiny little clit. I am going to miss Mr. Hitachi for the next couple of weeks but I sure will enjoy my wonderful bullet until then! Hugs and kisses everyone! Michelle

Almost Here

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

My birthday is almost here and I will be 21, I am so very excited and even though I have school on my birthday I think that I will have to go have a drink afterwards just because. I am still not sure if my family and friends are planning anything yet but I think that they might be doing something for me on Tuesday because everyone keeps asking me what I will be doing then. I dont have any plans as of yet and I probably wont until my family takes me out to a “surprise” dinner or something. I got some wonderful gifts for my birthday already that I am so very excited about and cant wait to bring from Tat’s. I am at Tat’s house this weekend and I am going to bring all of my lovely birthday home to play with and set up. This birthday has been very very nice so far and my members that bought me lovely gifts has made it so special. I didnt get to play with everything today because of course me and Tat were working shooting some scenes for my website. We also had 2 great wonderful webcam shows and I was very happy to see everyone. During the second show there were quite a few assholes in the room so I said that the holiday this weekend must be my birthday because usually mean people come into the chat room on holiday weekends. I used the pink bullet in the first show and then got to use Mr. Hitachi on the second show, I got my pussy off really great!! Hugs and kisses to all! Michelle

Sexy in Black

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

I am at Tat’s house again this weekend and I am very happy to say that my allergies are doing way better than the last time that I was here. My allergies were so incredibly horrible the last time that I came here, the weather where Tat lives is so different than where I live. I got some great allergy pills and that pretty much fixed the problem. I shot some great stuff today that my members are really going to enjoy I think. My 2 webcam shows went very nicely and it was lovely to see all of my viewers. The first webcam show had quite a of a smaller crowd and I had such a cute little outfit to show off. I felt so cte in my little black skirt with a camisole and matching panties. The shirt and panties was black with little polka dots. I got to wear black thigh knee socks that had little pink bows on the side. I used a new toy that Tat and Irol got last week and it got me off really good but I must say that it was no Hitachi thats for sure. I used the new toy for the first show but I had to use my Hitachi for the second show, I sure missed it. I have been using my bullet at home and the Hitachi sure is a wonderful change. In the second show I had on a really special outfit, I was a sexy vixen in red. I had on a little tiny skirt with a sexy black shirt. The leopard sheets were a nice touch too!! I will see you all tomorrow! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Back Home

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I just got back from Tat’s house a little while ago and I am glad to be home. My animals are always really excited when their mommy comes home. I had to give them a little bit of love when I got home and then I made a myself some dinner. On the way home today I stopped at the 24 Walmart to pick up some things. I am going to go see my friend tomorrow who lives really far away so I had a bit of a drive in the morning. I stopped at the Walmart to pick up something to drink for tonight and tomorrow because the fridge is pretty much barren. I got some frozen foods for me to make and lots of juice to take with me on the trip tomorrow. It is also pretty cold where she is at so I picked up some nice warm fancy type boots too. I thought while i was there I would check and see if they had Guitar Hero for PS2 and a controller. Well they had the game and the guitar was something else. It was a little tiny shrunken guitar and I think that it was made just for little princesses like! I was kind hesitant about getting it because it did not look like the other ones that I have but I took it home and it actually works perfect for little me. I cant wait to play it for everybody at Tat’s house next time. I was really happy to see everyone at the cam show earlier today and it sux that we have to another week to see eachother again but luckily there is email πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses to everybody!!

Im Home!

Monday, January 21st, 2008

I just got back from Tat’s house and I am going to be going to bed soon but first I am need to eat some dinner and then get in the bath. I was saying today in webcam about how I miss taking my bath on Saturday nights when I am at Tat’s house. Everyone knows that my bath is one of my favorite things and since I got a new DVD set from one of my members from Christmas, I am sure going to enjoy it tonight!! I cant wait to just soak my little body in the nice hot water! Earlier today I had a webcam show that I was a little late for due to some electrical problems. It was actually really funny because when I finally got into the cam show, one of my members that bought me a heater for Christmas asked as joke if the heater made the electricity go out and that was exactly what had happened πŸ™‚ Tat had found out that the power went out right before the show started so he hurried up to fix it. We were only 10 minutes late and I was glad to see that my regulars had not left and had waited for me to get in the chatroom! It was a treat to see that everyone had stuck around and waited for me! I had a long drive home from Tat’s but now I am very happy to be home in my room and watch some television tonight on my beautiful TV and play with my animals!! Hugs and kisses to all! Michelle

Oh Memories!

Monday, November 19th, 2007

I am back home but I had a bunch of fun at Tat’s house this weekend. It is always nice when I get to go over there and shoot some naughty scenes. The webcam show went wonderful and there were a couple of viewers there that I did not get to see yesterday. I had an awesome orgasm on the show today too!! I was a little out of it when I got off, I love those kind of orgasms!! I let out a little moan when the toy got my tiny pussy off, I so enjoyed Mr. Hitachi this weekend!! My allergies were acting up a little bit during the show so I left a couple of minutes early to go take of it. I had a bit of a sneeze attack and had to hurry up to get some tissues. My nose started to run right before the end of the show so I had to hurry up and log off, I think that I did just in time. Of course I couldnt get a tissue soon enough and Tat saw my nose running a bit and maybe some viewers. That was not very ladylike πŸ™‚ Most ladies would probably be embarrassed but funny things like that happen to me all of the time, I am used to doing embarrassing clumsy type things! One of the funniest things that ever happened to me around Tat or anyone for that matter was probably when I peed the bed when I came. That was quite a unique experience and something that could only happen to little me! Quite funny too, I was laughing for a while after that and still do from time to time. A lady cant always be perfect πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Better Late than Never

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

I am at Tat’s house this weekend. I have been doing webcam shows at home for the past month or so and it is nice to be at Tat’s house this weekend. I had a long ass drive this morning and it seemed as though I had been driving for hours and hours but I finally reached my destination! I got ready for my webcam show and I was very excited to see everyone! I had lots of new people in the room that actually came back to the second show later on in the night. I always love it when that happens. There were also some viewers in the room that used to be regulars that I have not seen since probably the last time that I have come here. It was really great to see everyone that I had missed and not seen in quite a while. I hope that they will come back to the show tomorrow. A couple of my regulars were really late and I was not sure if they were going to show up so of course I was happy when I finally saw their names in the viewers column close to the very end. Pretty much everyone showed up by the end of the show. I was a naughty schoolgirl pretty much for today because both of my outfits were a short plaid skirt with a cute matching shirt. I felt so cute in my little outfits and the viewers seemed to enjoy the naughty schoolgirl look as usual. I am not sure what I am going to wear tomorrow, I am going to get it ready before bed. Gonna watch a movie now, goodnight everyone! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Pull Away

Monday, October 8th, 2007

Well I have been at Tat’s house this weekend, it has been a lot of fun but I am glad to be home to take care of some things tomorrow. I had lots of fun at Tat’s house and I especially had loads of fun with my electronic boyfriend Hitachi. Usually after I used the Hitachi my pussy tends to get a little sore, I think that it because it is so powerful. Actually it is my clit and my pussy lips that get sore because I use the toy around there. The webcam show today went well and it was a little different at first because most of my regulars were not in the room. There were mostly newbies but then slowly my regulars started pouring in. Some of them were late today but I am glad that most of them were able to make it. Some of the newbies did not know how my shows go so I had to inform everyone πŸ™‚ Of course I had a great orgasm again and I was a little louder today than I was yesterday. It seemed that yesterday I let out little petite moans on webcam and then a little louder ones today. That does not mean that I enjoyed today more though, actually I must say that my orgasms yesterday were probably stronger. I usually come really quick but this weekend I was practicing pulling the toy away right before I get off so I can last a little bit longer. It worked pretty good and was able to hold off for a minute or so, which is still quicker than most ladies but thats ok πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Petite Moans

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

I came to Tat’s house today and I had a couple of webcam shows and shot some great scenes as usual. I hadnt had a webcam show at Tat’s house in about 3 weeks so it was nice to be back here. I do not usually wear thong panties but I wanted to wear a pair today for my viewers because I get requests for that quite often. Most of my regulars like the bikini or hipster panties that I usually wear but I just had the cutest thong that matched my outfit so I figured I should wear it. The thong was really sexy because it was a bit sheer and really tiny. My pussy was practically hanging out of the side and it looked really naughty. It was a teal color with pastel colored flowers and my pussy was just so unbelievably wet that there was a huge spot in the panties. I guess that I was just so horny today and it sure showed in my panties. I had some wonderful orgasms today too! They were so strong and I must say that they were a little different than usual. My orgasms were strong but yet I was not very loud when I came, I was more relaxed I guess I would say. I always say that you cant tell how strong a ladies orgasm is by how loud she is and I just proved it today. Only the lady having the orgasm can tell how intense it is. I let out a petite little moan when I got off and it was rather cute! I could feel the wonderful feeling in my feet first, I just love it when that happens!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Back at Home

Monday, September 10th, 2007

I was a Tat’s house again today. Usually I go home on Sundays but I stayed one extra day to shoot some great scenes for my website. I had a lot of fun at Tat’s house this weekend but I was excited to go home and see my little animals. I miss them a lot when I am away. My little doggie was so happy to see me when I got home. He was jumping all over the place trying to get my attention. I had to give him lots of love! Before I got home I stopped at Target, I made it just in time before closing and it was a good thing too because there was something there that I really wanted to get. I picked up a really cute pink body pillow cover for my body pillow and I cant wait to sleep with it tonight. It is so very soft and I know that I will just love to lay with it. I almost didnt find it either, I searched in the area where they were supposed to be and no luck but then I thought that I should try other parts of the store just in case and that paid off cause I found what I was looking for. I also got a couple of cute bathmats for the apartment. They are pink and just adorable. I am getting my braces tightened tomorrow which I am not looking too forward to, I hope that it all goes ok and that I am not too sore! πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Another Saturday

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

I came to Tat’s house again this weekend and I had a lot of fun today with the webcam shows and scenes that I shot. The drive to Tat’s house was not too bad this morning and when I got here I had to hurry up and get ready for my first webcam show. I made it just on time and then after the show I ate some lunch and then shot some scenes for my website. I actually had in pony tails for the first show because I have not sported that hairstyle in a while and I have been getting requests for it lately. My hair has gotten so long too so it looked really cute fixed up like that. My ponytails were long enough to touch my twat. The second show went great but I did not have the pony tails in again. I decided to wear my hair down for that show and I must say that it looked rather cute like that too. I had to leave early for the show because me, Tat and Irol went out to a nice dinner tonight because we have not done that in a while and it sounded like a good idea tonight and it sure was! The dinner that we went to was so yummy and very nice because I have been to Tat’s house a lot in the past months and we have not gone out to eat. I ate some excellent pork tenderloins and we were all so stuffed afterward. It is time for us all watch a movie so I am gonna get going. Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Rose On My Clit

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

I drove over to tat’s house this morning and luckily the drive was not nearly as bad as the one from the last time that I cam here. It was pretty smooth sailing for the most part. When I arrived at Tat’s house I had to get ready for the earlier webcam show and to shoot some naughty scenes for my website. I was looking forward to the first webcam show and I was happy to be able to see everyone. I think that a lot of the viewers were happy too because I wore a thong to each of the shows. I dont wear thong panties too often although I have been wearing them a lot more often when I have been to Tat’s house. My little tushy hung out of both of my little outfits when I bent over. The dress that I wore during the second show was so very short but very cute. I loved that dress because it was my two favorite colors, pink and black. It was all black with light pink satin trim and pink polka dots. The panties that I had on with it too were so adorable. They were a new pair that I got and they were a black thong and bunched up in the front to give me a huge camel toe. I couldnt wait to show my new pair to everyone. They were also very lacy and see through and there were little pink roses going down the bunched up part. One of the roses was right on my little clit!! I had so much fun seeing everyone today and look forward to tomorrow! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Weekday Show

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

I got to spend the last couple of days at Tat’s house to make up for this weekend since I was sick and I had a lot of fun shooting lots of naughty videos for my website. I also got to do a make up webcam show today and I was so excited because a lot of my regulars were able to make the show. Whenever I do shows that are not a part of my normal schedule I never know if everyone can show up. I was really glad that I was able to make up for one of the shows that I missed on Saturday, I missed everyone so much so it was great to be able to do a show today. I must say that I am worn out and I plan on relaxing for the next couple of days because I am back at Tat’s house again this next weekend. I think that I have work one day this week but I do plan on relaxing for the other days. I had a long drive home from Tat’s tonight and I was so happy once I finally got home. When I got home I made myself some dinner and then groomed my little doggie. He was looking a little shaggy and I didnt want to wait until tomorrow to clean him up so I did a quick grooming tonight. After that I took off all of my clothes and got in a nice hot bath, I felt like a million bucks when I got out and also very tired. I rubbed some lotion all over my tiny body, I love to have nice soft touchable soft skin. I am now in my bra and panties and ready for bed. Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Happy Birthday Tat!

Monday, July 16th, 2007

I had so much fun at Tat’s house this weekend shooting some naughty videos and and putting on some webcam shows. I had a lot of fun at today’s webcam show but I must say that there were more mean people than usual in the room. It was ok though because I had all of my polite and wonderful viewers that I always look so forward to seeing. I love it that so many of my members and come to my webcam shows and I a lot of the same viewers come to every show too. It was Tat’s birthday today and he got to work, how exciting πŸ™‚ I gave him a very special birthday lapdance on webcam today which was a treat for him and the viewers. I think that he may have enjoyed it the most One of my viewers asked if everyone got a birthday lapdance but I said that I didnt think that I had it in me to give that many lapdances for birthdays. After all there is only one of me πŸ™‚ I had a very long drive home after I was done working and I was so happy to be home with all of my babies. I sure miss my animals when I am gone working. My little doggie gets so excited when his mommy comes home and so does my little kitten that I rescued. I have the most kick ass laptop that I got from one of my wonderful members for my birthday and I have been working on it since I got home. It was doing a few funky things today so I was working on it for while and it seems to be fine now. Its late now so Hugs and Kisses everyone!! Goodnight. Michelle

Sexy Lingerie

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

My viewers had a very special treat today at webcam because I wore lingerie during both of my shows and they were very sexy. It turns out that I do not wear black very often either and both of the babydoll outfits were black. The first little outfit was very sexy, it was red shiny and reminded me of a can-can dancers outfit. I had a tiny little thong with it and the nighty was so short that my tushy hung out of the bottom. All of the viewers loved that pretty outfit so I decided to wear another little nighty for the second show. One of my members got that nighty for me and it looked so sexy!! I had on sexy black stockings with it too and of course my black little heels. Well that outfit was a hit too and everyone was thanking my member that got it for me. I shot some wonderful scenes and videos today too. One of my other members had bought me a very sexy piece of lingerie too and I shot a naughty scene in that. That nighty looked very sexy too and it was very delicate and sheer. I was so excited to get naughty today with my Hitachi because I have so missed it! I got my little pussy off so many time and my little girl down there is all worn out now. I cant wait until tomorrow when I get to see my viewers again and get naughty on camera. See you all soon!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle


Friday, July 6th, 2007

I was a Tat’s house for the past two days to shoot some naughty scenes and now I am home in my nice warm bed. It was a lot of fun at Tat’s house and I was a very naughty girl! I couldnt stay for the weekend to do webcam shows at his house because I had to come back home due to my friends bachelorette party tomorrow. The other girls are going to be at my house earlier tomorrow to get ready and then we are all going to go out to have some fun. I am not much of a party girl but the other ladies are so Im sure that I will be having fun watching them act all crazy. Since I am not old to drink I am automatically the designated driver thats just fine with me though. I just wanna make sure that all of the girls get home safely. I got to use the Hitachi for a little bit while I was a Tat’s house. Infact we didnt use it too much while we were shooting so I was a naughty girl and snuck it into the other room to play with it on my own. I wish that I had a Hitachi at home sometimes but I would probably use it too much and also it is more of a treat when I go to Tat’s house. I was thinking about what my members were going to do as they watched the videos that I made. My pussy was just soaked for the past couple of days cause I was so excited to shoot some naughty videos!!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle