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Driving Day Dreamer

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

I am doing my diary early tonight because I will be working on homework for the rest of the night, I have my midterms next week! πŸ™ Yuck! I did really good on one of my other exams though, I was really happy about that. I am eating one of my favorite healthy places to celebrate, I got Chipotle on the way home and I cant wait to eat it!! Earlier today I did some emails but mostly I finished up that paper that I had due. I am so bad with dates at school I thought one of my papers was due today but it turns out it is actually due next week, silly me, but at least it was turned in early then and I dont have to worry about it next week during midterms. I had a very naughty thought today while I was driving, I know that this is going to sound corny but while I was listening to my Pink Floyd in the car I was daydreaming about me doing a sexy striptease to it. That would be great music to dance sexy to I think. I am not sure if ladies dance to that at the strip club but I sure would love to see it, I have only been to a strip club 2 times and both times I didnt hear my favorite band. I will have to request to a sexy dance from a sexy lady the next time that I go to a strip club πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Handsome Young Man

Friday, October 31st, 2008

I had a very naughty dream this week about Mr. Christian Bale, I think that is because I have seen him in a lot of movies on tv lately which is awesome for me because he sure is nice to look at! Oh he was quite lovely to look at in my dream too, maybe even sexier!! I had a dream that I was on a huge beautiful cruise ship in a really fancy dress and this handsome young gentleman walked up to me while I was at dinner and asked if I would like to go to his room, well I am a lady most of the time but I could not resist this and besides it was a dream so I did something that I probably would not normally do in real life. I followed him back to his room and he seduced me! He kissed me so passionately and I really liked that part of the dream because he was an excellent kisser, oh my gosh, I am getting so hot and bothered right now just thinking about the naughty dream! We then made out on the bed and that turned into a night of vigorous wild sex!! I was so very naughty in the dream and Mr. Bale was touching me in all of the right places. I did not want to the dream to end and in fact I was upset that I woke up. I was having so much hot sex in my dream that I woke up sore!! πŸ™‚ Not really but I did wake up extremely horny πŸ™‚ Michelle

Mr. Romance

Friday, July 11th, 2008

I was sitting in my bed las night doing my diary and before I knew it, I had passed out with my laptop on my lap and the tv on. I had been so exhausted from running around everywhere while my family had been in town and had gotten hardly any sleep so I guess it caught up with me last night. I woke up a couple of hours later and couldnt believe that I had fallen asleep, it happens sometimes though. I turned everything off so that I could go back to sleep and I sure did get a great nights sleep. I feel like a million bucks now! πŸ™‚ I feel kind of sad now that most of my family left but I also feel good that I can get my life back in order over the next week. When I fell back asleep the second time I had a bit of a naughty dream and I woke up pretty horny. Well I was talking out Christian Bale in another diary and I think that I just could not get him out of my mind and dreams. In my dream we were in this beautiful hotel and we wee naked on the bed. He was just rubbing my soft skin all over at first and then started to kiss my long neck. Just that alone drives me absolutely crazy!! I was touching his body all over too and how magnificent it was!! I loved this dream because it was a little bit romantic and a little tease!!! My panties are wet now just writing about it!! I will be writing another diary tonight, so talk to you soon!! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Dressed in Black

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

Well even though I said that I didnt think that I was going to be naughty last night, I just had to use my toy once before I went to bed. I was a good girl because I only used it once. I just couldnt wait because I started to think about all of the naughty things that I will be thinking about tomorrow during the webcam shows and it just got me so hot. Well I was already hot due to this crazy hot summer weather that we have had lately, but thinking those naughty things made me hot and bothered πŸ™‚ I was actually thinking about a naughty fantasy involving me dressed in a sexy black outfit getting fucked on a motorcycle. I have not thought about this particular fantasy while I have been using my toy yet but I sure liked it last night! I came so very quick so I didnt get too far into the fantasy, that happens sometimes and I love every single minute of it! I dont mind at all that I can come pretty quick, I actually look at it as a good thing because it sucks when it takes a long time and some serious concentration to be able to get off. I do love a good tease but when it comes to getting my pussy off I wanna get down to business most of the time! πŸ™‚ Hugs and kisses! Michelle

The Weekend is Here

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

The weekend is almost here and I cant wait to see everyone. Well actually the weekend is already here because technically it is Saturday right now. That means that I get to use my toy during my webcam shows very soon. I so do love to be able to get off in front of hundreds of horny ladies and gentlemen! I have not really used my toy this week either so I am extra excited to use up some batteries πŸ™‚ I actually used my toy really late one night this week before I went to bed. I wasnt planning on using it but for some reason I got really horny when I was laying in my bed by myself late at night. I dont even think that I was really thinking of anything naughty to get me so horny, I just all of a sudden was and I knew that I had to get my precious toy out! Of course when I started using my toy I just had to think naughty things about my imaginary boyfriend Mr. Leto. He is always such a bad boy in my fantasies and this time he was all about pleasing me. In my fantasy he wanted to eat my tiny sweet little pussy until I got off. Oh just thinking about seeing his head in between my soft long legs as he sucks on my tight little clit drove me absolutely crazy, I lasted only about a couple minutes! In my fantasy he sure was great at eating pussy too!! See you guys soon! Michelle

Litte Spy!

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

I had a very naughty dream last night and I was feeling rather horny when I woke up. In the dream I was in a parking lot and I saw a couple of people fucking in a car and it was really naughty, I was getting so excited in the dream and kept trying to get a better view. First the hot guy and hot lady were making out in the car, they were fogging up the windows a whole lot so I kept trying to get a good look. The chick was really cute and the guy was so hot, the guy was sitting on the drivers side seat and the chick was on top of him. She had a shirt on at first and then the hot guy took it off of her, she had such nice boobies. I sure love looking at pretty boobies! After they made out for a while I saw the girl start to move up and down, she was fucking him right there in the car and they did not care if anyone saw them. They did it for such a long time or at least it felt that way in the dream, I would be a little embarrassed to do that in public because someone might see me. I am a little private when it comes to being with naughty with someone. Eventually I woke and actually felt naughty for watching a hot couple do it in a dream even though it did not happen in real life. It sure was an exciting dream and I will have to think about it tomorrow when I play with myself! See you all soon!! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Seduce Me!

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Oh I sure was a naughty girl last night before I went to bed. I got my tiny little pussy off three times. I usually dont get off that many times when I masturbate but I sure was horny last night. I was imagining a really hot guy coming into my room to seduce me. My fantasy stared out with me laying in the bed with my pajamas on and I had my hands in my pants using my toy on my little clit. The hot guy comes into the room and sees that I was playing with myself and he tells me to let him show me how to do it. He takes the toy from me and pulls down my pants and takes off my little panties. He then eats out my sweet my little pussy. Ooh he did such a good job and said that I tasted so great and that he just could not get enough. When he came up to look at me he had my juices all over his face so I sat up and leaned in to kiss him. My juices tasted so good from his mouth! We started to make out and I could feel his hard cock in his pants as he laid on top of my tiny body. I just wanted him to pull it out but before he could in my fantasy I started to come. Just the thought of him pulling out that rick hard cock of his got me so excited and I could not control myself any longer. I came two more times thinking about this naughty fantasy, it sure was a fun night!! Hugs and kisses! Michelle

Hotter in my Imagination!

Friday, June 1st, 2007

I was in school this morning and I noticed a really cute boy in my class. Its too bad that I never noticed him before and the semester is almost over, its ok though because I can always have naughty fantasies about him. I was kinda daydreaming in class today and thinking about what he looked like underneath those clothes he was wearing. Little did he know that I was undressing him with my eyes and thinkin dirty things about him. I imagined that we were all alone in the classroom, I dont even know his name, all I know is that he is so hot! He came up to me at my desk and asked if I needed help with the assignment. I told him that I was a bad girl because I didnt study so I cheated off of someone elses paper. He said that I was very naughty and needed to be punished. I had on a little summer dress that was pretty short and my white lacy panties showed when I bent over the desk. He stood behind me as I layed over the desk and told me that I needed a spanking. He sure spanked my little tushy and grabbed one of my braids as he smacked my ass. I was getting so excited as he was spanking my little ass. After he was done spanking me he put his hand in my sexy panties and felt how wet my little snatch was. He got my pussy juice all over his fingers and then licked it all off. Hes even hotter in my imagination!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Naked on Satin Sheets

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

I had a very naughty dream last night and when I woke up my pussy was totally soaked. The dream started out where I was on this really nice bed with red satin sheets. I was laying there enjoying the nice soft bed and then all of a sudden a big strong handsome man sat next to me on the bed. He started rubbin the back of my legs cause I was laying on my tummy. He worked his way up to butt and was caressing my little tushy. The his hands made their way to my back and then my neck. I rolled over and looked at him and then he leaned in to kiss my soft sweet lips. I was naked and as he was kissing me he touched my tiny little love button. He rubbed my clit as I moaned with pleasure and after a little while of that his mouth made its way down to my tight cunt. He sucked on my tender clit and slid one of his fingers in and out of my little snatch. He had to work his fingers in there because it was a tight fit but once I loosened up it felt so amazing. I was grabbing the satin sheets as he was making me shake and quiver. He at my tiny pussy until I let out a huge moan of pleasure when I came. I woke up shortly after that and I just had to play with myself and replay the dream in my head! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Tease Me!

Friday, April 13th, 2007

I had a very naughty dream this week! It started out with me laying naked in my bed and then a host sexy man walks in and grabs my foot and starts to suck on my cute little toes. He just took charge and knew exactly what I wanted, he licked and kissed that very sensitive spot on my foot that drives me wild. Then he kissed all the way up my legs also giving gentle little love bites along the way. After he kissed his way up my legs he took a minute to gently caressed my soft skin which felt just amazing. He rolled me over and kissed and caressed my back too. I loved him kissing and massaging my tight little ass. He liked my curves and enjoyed worshiping every single one of them. He worked his way up my body and leaned down to kiss my neck cause he knew I loved it. My pussy was getting so wet from all of the passionate touching and I slowly opened my legs. His fingers made their way down to my damp little twat and he teased me a little by circling his finger around my tiny snatch. I love the tease so much!! I was just waiting for him to gently work his finger in there and once he did it felt so good! I woke up right after that and my pussy was a bit wet from the naughty dream! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Do you have a package for me?

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

I was a very naughty girl yesterday at work! I had a really long day and I was all alone in the office, everyone else left for the day. I was sitting at my desk and started having a very naughty fantasy. I was imainging that I was working on the computer and then the delivery guy came in saying that he had a package for me. He was really hot and I noticed the big bulge in his pants, I couldnt help but star at it! I asked what kind of package he had for me and he said that I was looking right at it. I unzipped his pants and got out his rock hard cock. I started to slowly stroke it with my hand and then I put the head in my mouth. I went deeper and deeper down his shaft with mouth. I have a small mouth and could not fit the whole thing in but I took as much of it in as I could. He would look down at me and I would smile showing my braces off with his cock in my little mouth. I would use my hand to stroke half of his cock while I sucked on the other half. He was moaning with intense pleasure as finished him off and he came all over my face. I just love to get nice warm cum all over my face and hair! The fantasy was so hot and my panties were completely soaked! Cant wait to see you all! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Long Orgasm!

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

It was so great to see everyone today at the webcam show since I missed both Sunday shows. The crowd was really sweet tonight and it was quite a pleasure to see everyone. I saw a lot of viewers that I have not seen in a while which is so cool. I had on a really cute short pink dress and my sexy blue panties. The panties were cute because they werent quite a thong but they showed off my ass a lot and my pussy could be seen right through them. I danced a bit in my little dress for the viewers. I lost connection to the internet or camz site like three times which sucked but luckily I got everything to work eventually. I used my silver bullet tonight to masturbate and I had a really long orgasm which was very intense. I loved the orgasm today because I would come really close to getting off so many times and then once I finally did it was a big one. I was fantasizing about getting fucked in the doggie position and the guy was pulling my hair and spanking my ass. Once I started thinking about that I got so excited and it wasnt long before I got my pussy off. I just love getting a good pounding in that postition cause it goes in so deep! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Early Morning Masturbation

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

I was a bad girl this morning because I woke up around 3 in the morning and was feeling very horny so I just had to do something about it to get back to sleep. I got out my little silver bullet to play with myself. Just as I was about to get off I noticed that the batteries were going really low but I did not want to get up to change them. I was determined to get my little pussy off so I started to imagine a hot sexy guy in between my legs licking my tiny hole as I played with my clit. It was basically the same thing that I thought about on Sunday. That fantasy was so naughty and such a turn on that it ended up getting me off without me having to change the batteries in the toy. Right after I get off I usually get really tired and that is what happened early this morning, I passed fell right back asleep. Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Slow Motion Orgasm

Monday, November 20th, 2006

I had such a different neat orgasm today during my second webcam show. It was so funny because it was like I came in slow motion. It felt amazing and a bit different than usual. My pussy got so wet when I came, I wish that I had a finger gently sliding in and out of my tiny snatch. I was fatasizing about masturbating in front of a sexy man and then he masturbated in front of me. He sucked on my titties when it was my turn. I am very into mutual masturbation and I like to fantasize about it sometimes. My back slowly arched and head gently went back as I got my little pussy off. I felt really good after I came and I hope that my viewers got off as good as I did. I like it when I dont get off really soon and can hold it back for a little while. The first show was lots of fun as well and there were a lot of new people in the room. The second show had some mean people in it but we were all watchin them and keeping peace in the chatroom. It was so cute because my little doggie was laying right next to me in the second show and then he just fell asleep right there. The viewers were asking if he was ok but he was just very content laying next to his mommy πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses to all! Michelle

Big Natural Tits

Monday, November 13th, 2006

I was at Tat’s house again today and I shot a couple more naughty scenes that my members will love. I was a naughty secretary again today and my navy blue skirt had a big slit in it. My 2 cams shows were lots of fun. In the first show I used my silver bullet to get off and then I used my Hitachi to make my pussy come in the second show. Tat fingered my tiny little cunt in the second show and it felt so good. My pussy got so wet as I used my toy on my little pink clit. I was thinking about making out with a really hot girl while I was playing with myself. She had on a naughty school girl outfit that looked really sexy and she was kissing my neck while she caressed my perfect boobies. I unbuttoned her shirt and she wasnt wearing a bra. Her tits were big and natural just the way I like them. I licked and sucked her beautiful nipples while I rubbed her pussy over her panties. Her pussy was so wet that I could feel the wet spot right through her panties. She was feeling my tiny pussy through my sexy undies too. The fantasy was so hot and I got my pussy off really good. Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Naughty Police Officer

Friday, November 10th, 2006

I had a very naughty fantasy today! It started out with me at home and then a sexy police officer came to my door and asked to come in and take a look around. He found my stash of pornos and said that I was a very naughty girl and needed to be taken downtown. He handcuffed my hands behind my back and then proceeded to lightly run his fingertips up my smooth silky legs. He then touched my wet cunt over my panties and rubbed it softly. He then got a little aggressive and bent me over, lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties exposing my perfect round ass. I could not see what he was doing but I could hear him unzip his pants and before I knew it he entered me from behind. He pounded my little pussy relentlessly with his flesh batton until I could take no more! I sure love men in uniform! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Sex on a Big Boat

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

I shot a couple of naughty scenes today that were so much fun. I used my hitahi on my precious little pussy until I came so hard. I had on a little cute short dress in each of the videos that Im sure all of my members will love. My webcam show went great tonight and there were a couple of people in the room that I have not seen in a while so that was nice. I got to use my silver bullet on cam because I used my hitachi for the videos earlier in the day. Last night I had a very naughty dream that was so good. I didnt want to wake up. I really like the actor Ryan Reynolds, he is so fucking cute! In the dream I was in this pretty beach town with a bunch of people. Me and Ryan went onto this really nice big boat and went down into the bedroom. It was so beautiful inside! He kissed my sweet lips so passionately and then I threw him down onto the bed and jumped on top of him. I was wearing a short little skirt so all I did was pull my little panties to the side and then slid his cock into my tight cunt. He is cock was pretty big so it hurt a little but once I got used to it, it felt so good. I woke up shortly after I started to fuck him which sucks because I wanted to finish the dream. It was still a great dream though and I was really horny when I woke up πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Hot Shower!

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Tonight when I took my shower I was a very naughty girl! I have a removable shower head and I was washing my body with it. I put the shower head down on my pussy and let the water run onto my precious twat, it felt so fucking good! Using the shower head on my tiny snatch made me very horny so I just had to use my fingers on my clit. I wish that I had a waterproof toy but I was so horny today that my fingers did the trick just fine. I layed up against the shower wall with one leg up while massaged my feminine flower. I was imagining a really hot guy underneath me eating me out in the shower as the water fell down on us. He sucked on my clit just like how I like it and also kissed my pouty little pussy lips. It was making me so fucking hot just imagining us both in the shower together all wet! He came up from eating my pussy and kissed my lips so I could taste my juices all over his sexy mouth. As we kissed we held and rubbed eachothers body’s. I ran my nails down his back and put my fingers through is hair as he caressed my face and neck. I came 2 times in the shower, this was one hot fantasy and I am actually getting extremely hot and bothered right now typing this. Gotta go! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Another Sunday

Monday, July 31st, 2006

I had 2 webcam shows today since today is Sunday and they were so much fun. I played with my wet little pussy so much today that I think that she is gonna need a little break tomorrow. She is a little overworked…lol. I grinded at the end of my bed tonight like I was getting fucked in the butterfly position. It was kinda naughty and it made me wish that I had a boyfriend so I could break in my bed at my new house. I would love to get fucked in the butterfly postion at the edge of my bed like that with my feet up on the guys shoulders. I love to get a really good pounding that way and get my little titties bouncing. My titties get bouncing pretty good that way. Infact I was thinking about it when I was masturbating later on in the show. My viewers were finally able to find my myspace profile because I got tons of messeges today from viewers of my cam shows. Before people had trouble finding my profile but I dont think that is much of an issue anymore. My myspace profile is so cute and it totally shows my personality. My day was so busy because I also groomed my dog today and he looks so much better. He was trying to show everyone on webcam his new haircut, it was so cute! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Weekend at Tat’s

Sunday, July 23rd, 2006

I shot some naughty scenes again today at Tat’s house and I had a webcam show. It was so nice to see all of my viewers tonight since I missed them last weekend. We had a very good show and I got a spanking because I was a very naughty girl earlier. Tat loves to spank my little bottom on webcam and video and I sure love it too. My little tushy was all nice and red by the time he was done and I made him kiss my luscious bottom. I love having my little tushy kissed! I had on a sporty looking school girl type of outfit and it was green and white. It was so cute. I also had a couple of braids in my long soft hair. I used my silver bullet on my clit while Tat fingered my very tight snatch. He only got 1 finger in the first time that I got off and then the second time my pussy was so tight that 1 finger even hurt. He did not finger my tight snatch the second time around but it was ok though because I got my little pussy off just fine. I actually came pretty quick that time, within like 2 or 3 minutes. I was imigining myself getting fucked by 2 really hot guys at the same time, so of course I couldnt last long. My pussy was getting so wet thinking about being with 2 guys, that is so naughty! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle