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Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Oh my gosh, I had such a very bad day today with school, I took my other midterm and even though the first one was hard enough the one that I took today was just ridiculous. I did not do very good on it at all, I was so upset. I am not sure how this class will turn out but I hope that it goes alright. I am going to play some video games for the rest of the night to take my mind off of the disappointment. I am sure that many of my members know what I am talking about, I have quite a few members that go to school too and share my feelings  My other class today went ok, I was late to it because I was busy doing homework from a different class but luckily my teacher did not mind. I don’t feel much like talking more about this so I am going to go take a nice hot bath and then change into my pjs and get my gaming on! Hugs and kisses to all!! Michelle

My Bad Day is Over

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

I am writing 2 diaries tonight because one of the diaries that I did this week was not posted somehow, I am not sure how that happened because it looked like it posted but I guess looks can be deceiving! And of course guess which day this was on, it was on the horrible day that I had this week πŸ™ I was without the internet for a couple of days because my router for no reason at all just decided to stop working and it was hell to get back online but luckily I did right in time for the weekend. First off I woke up with a huge headache, I knew that was a sign of things to come and then I got on my computer and noticed that the internet was not working right so I changed a setting on it and then it just totally broke, I was on the phone with the company for hours with no luck and of course I was late to my class. I had to walk in in front of everyone, it was embarrassing and then I got some food and spilled it all over my outfit in front of the class of course! That was embarrassing as well but now I laugh and think that could only happen to me πŸ™‚ Ok it is getting close to bedtime so I am going to get into my bath and pjs! See everyone really soon, hugs and kisses to all!! Michelle

A Lesson to be Learned

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Ok so I had a diary written last night but I started to have some computer problems and of course the worst thing that could happen did. I am so aggitated! One of my computers is really old so when something goes wrong, I need to fix it myself cause there is no warranty and it is a good thing there is a spell check on my computer because I totally mispelled warranty and I would be embarrassed if anyone saw how I spelled it. Anyway, so the part that needed to be fixed was a USB port on the front of the computer, it was loose and had to be glued back into place so I did that just fine but then when I went to put the faceplate back on the power button switch flew off for no apparent reason. It just completely broke and I wasnt even near it, just my luck. Of course this is a piece that is almost impossible to replace and I wont know until next week if it can even be repaired. This is such bad news because my car was broken into a few months ago and all of my cds were stolen, yes I still own and buy cds, πŸ™‚ and my Itunes and Creative player had most of that music on it but now the hard drive cannot be accessed, my computer will not even turn on at all. That taught me a lesson, I probably should not fix a big thing like that when I am in the middle of doing work, the little fix it lady in me could not let it go though πŸ™‚ Talk to you again before bed! Michelle

Teacher from the Pits of Hell!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Oh my goodness, I had such a disappointing day in school again. Just when I though that my teacher could not make a harder than the last two of course I am proven wrong. This test was worse than the first one! The second test went better but still incredibly hard and it is a really good thing that I got as far as I did in math because there was a ridiculous amount of crazy math problems. For a class that does not have any pre-requisites I sure have to have a ton of mathematic education. For this test, the people that did not know algebra really could not do a lot of the questions because there were way more than usual calculations and short answer questions. So far there has only been a few short answer and essay questions but oh no, not this time. I guess the teacher thought that this time we needed to be far more challenged than the first test because the second one was too easy apparently. Some people thought it was so retarded hard that they did not even try and just put their names on the test then left. Some of the students were just laughing at the idea of such nonsense. Oh yes and all of the homework is actually graded like a test, we dont just get credit like most classes, I am just speechless once again!! Hugs and Kisses to all!! Michelle

Impossible Exam!! :(

Monday, February 11th, 2008

I am so very irritated! I took today what happened to be one the hardest tests that I have ever taken and it was not supposed to be! This was my easier class and somehow a subject that is not too terribly difficult turned into something worse than physiology. This test was just ridiculous and I am still very upset by it!! First of all this test had tons of calculations and formulas that were just challenging as all hell and then I dont even think that some of the answers given were correct either. One would think that multiple choice would be a lot easier than short essay but oh no, somehow this teacher managed to make the multiple choice questions impossible. Then the questions that were asked on the test did not even correspond with the lecture which means that I would have have to have memorized 6 whole chapters out of the book. And they were not the simple questions from the book, they were questions that only had like one sentence describing them that could easily be overlooked unless a student was reading the entire six chapters word for word. To even do the test a student would have to have a least an intermediate algebra education and there are not supposed to be any pre-requisites for this subject. Even though I got up to trigonometry it did not matter. Oh I love to be able to vent to my diary, I feel a little better right now and I hope that I will not be as upset at the situation tomorrow πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Bad Days Suck :(

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

When I woke up today I realized that it was just kinda one of those days. One of those days that are horrible and you just cant wait to end. First off I slept wrong and my neck and back were hurting all day. I didnt get much sleep so I was really tired and I had to go into work to finish up some things. I sat in traffic on the way to work when it was not even during traffic hours, there was no reason for it except to add to my bad day. I stopped to get some food and as I was pulling out of the drive through, a pedestrian was standing in the way so I tried to go around but my car hit the side of the building. Luckily no damage was done to my car, just a couple of little scratches on one of my rims. I was really glad there was no other damage. Stupid pedestrians! πŸ™ Then I finally got to work and got started on things right away. Just as I was getting close to leaving, my boss came out of his office and gave me tons of work. That kinda sucked! I had to stay little longer than expected. I did most of it, the rest I can finish next week. I couldnt wait to get home and just relax. My day finally looked up when I answered emails from my members. I love getting to hear from my wonderful members and reading their emails totally brightened up my day!! I was all smiles and laughs! My bad day had a happy ending and now it is time for bed! Goodnight everyone! Michelle

Shit Happens!

Friday, October 12th, 2007

I had kind of a bad day at school today. Well I usually have a reading assignment every night out of my boring textbooks and I believe that I have said before that I hate reading the text. Of course on the one day that I forget to read I end up having a pop quiz, I just hate those things! I did horrible on it Im sure and before this I was actually pretty proud of myself for sticking to the reading assignments no matter how boring they are. I have a habit of procrastinating and avoiding reading assignments and I really wanted to work on that this semester but shit happens πŸ™‚ The good news is that it is only a little pop quiz and not some big exam. It really bummed me out during class and then the rest of my day just kind of sucked too. I think that it was just one of those bad days that everyone has where nothing goes right and everything goes wrong. I found out in my second class that I am going to have to do an oral presentation this semester and I was not too happy about that. I dont think that any students really like oral assignments. It is funny because eventhough I get naughty in front of hundreds of ladies and gentlemen on the weekend, I actually get stage fright when it comes to oral presentations in class. After that class I spilled some juice on my new pretty dress and of course it stained it, so now the dress is ruined πŸ™ I was not happy! Finally the day is over and I hope tomorrow will be better! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Finally Over

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

Oh man I am tired cause I have had a long crazy day! I felt all better when I woke up this morning just like the doctor said that I would. I woke up this morning and got ready for school. I got out later than usual because I have finals coming up and there was a lot of material to cover. After I got out of school I went home to work on a couple of reports that I have due tomorrow. I needed the internet to get the information that I needed and of course the internet was not working. My router actually didnt work at all, it seemed to just stop working completely. It is pretty old anyway so it was time to get a new one. I went to the electronic store to buy a new one and then I rushed home to hook it up. I was in a hurry to finish up the networking so I could get to my homework and then go to my other 2 classes. I think it was just a bad day for me because nothing seemed to be working, I should have just been able to plug the router in and then have it work because that is how it worked at my moms house being that it was the same brand. It took me hours to finally get it to work and I ended up missing one of my classes trying to fix it. Its ok though because the teacher will go over the material again next week during the review. Glad this day is finally over! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Frustrating Day!

Friday, April 20th, 2007

I had a bad day today πŸ™ I cant wait to get to Tat’s house tomorrow and get a little naughty for the camera! I need to get my little pussy off so bad. I had work early this morning and didnt get out of work last night until after 11pm so I was really tired today. I had to rush through work today so that I can get ont he road to miss traffic but since it was raining here I had to sit in two and a half hours of traffic. I hate getting on the freeway while it is rainging because people get so scared and drive like 20 miles an hour. It was very frustrating! My Ipod stopped working while I was sitting in traffic so I had nothing to listen to in the car. I was rushing home because I had a doctors appointment and since it took so long to drive there I was later than I was supposed to be. Eventhough I was late I still had to wait for a long time which sucked but luckily I was finally seen by the doctor and then I got out of there. The fun part of the day was when I got to go eat some sushi tonight with my roomates. I have been craving sushi for a while and it was great to go out to a nice dinner after such an exhausting day! I cant wait to see you all tomorrow!! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Just a Couple of Those Days!

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I have had work all day long for the past 2 days. The end of the month is when my job is really busy so I have been really busy with that. Yesterday before work I went to go visit my mom and hang out with her for a while. We went out to lunch and then I had to go look for a dress for my friends wedding. It is hard for me to find nice clothes most of the time because I am so tiny and have curves in different places. I finally found a really beautiful dress that I cannot wait to wear at the wedding. I love to get dressed up! I started to have a bad day after I had good luck finding my pretty dress. When I was leaving the shopping center accidently hit the side of my head really hard on this bar that was sticking out in middle of my path. Im sure that I was not looking where I was going too. It hurts so bad and now I have a big huge goose egg on the side of my head. Then after that I stubbed my toe really hard on something and it was bleeding from underneath the nail. It hurt really bad to walk today so the past two days werent so pleasant! I hope today will be better πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope that everybody had a wonderful holiday and got to spend lots of time with their loved ones. I opened up most of my christmas presents last night at home so I went to my family’s house and spent time there with them. It was a rather sad holiday because one of my family members very close to me passed away this morning. So I just basically spent the whole day with my family comforting them and mourning. We were all at the hospital in the morning and then in the afternoon we all went to my mom’s house. It was a rather melancholy Christmas this year but I was just happy to be with all of my loved ones. I am very sad and dont have much to say except that I wish everyone out there Happy Holidays and take care πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Another one of those days

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

I was so tired last night that right when I hit the bed I passed out. I woke up early this morning and did some school work. I finished up an assignment that was due today and I also worked on a report for another class. I have such a busy week. I have 2 midterms next week that I have to study for and I have school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Thursday and Friday I have long work days and then I work this weekend too. I am not going to get a day off this week, I cant wait until next month because it wont be as crazy. I had kind of a bad day today. School kinda sucked and I was mad at my teacher. Then on the way home I stopped and got food that spilled all over my car. I tried to eat the rest of the food when I got home but I realized that my chicken was not even cooked all the way and they forgot my salad dressing and tortillas. It was just one of those days that sucks. Hopefully tomorrow will be better πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

My Computer Crashed!!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

I had such a busy day today. Shortly after I woke up I went to go have lunch with one of my friends and then I went to my sisters house to go visit her. She broke her ankle so she was not too happy, I went to see her to cheer her up a little. After that I went to the gym and it was totally packed. I was going to leave but then I saw that a class was going to begin. I havent taken any kind of aerobic or yoga classes yet so I thought it would be cool to try something different. Well the class happened to be kickboxing and I had no idea what I was doing. I bet that I looked so funny to all of the other people because I pretty much have two left It was a hard workout too and I was sweating by the time that it was over. After that class, the instructor had a wind down stretching session with I participated in too. I went home after that and made myself some dinner. My mom made some yummy pasta with a shrimp andking crab leg white sauce and I sure enjoyed it. After dinner the rest of the night totally sucked because my desktop totally died and I lost all of my info. I called the warrentee dept and they told me to use the recovery disk which took forever and my computer is still broken so it has to get fixed πŸ™ Good thing I have a laptop for emergencies such as this!

Sore Muscles!

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

I thought that I was sore yesterday, I had no idea what sore actually is. Today I could barely walk because my muscles were so overworked from yesterday. I am not going to go to the gym for a couple of days. My aunt works out all the time for a long time so I thought that I could too but I learned my lesson. I just had so much fun there. I stayed in bed for most of the day until I had to go run my errands and go to school. I am so nervous because I have a big school project that is due on Thursday and I have not found what I need for it. I really hope that I can get it done. I will be working on it all day tomorrow and I also have to go to a career day at school to go to, so I will be very busy. I just got out of my bath and soaked my painful muscles in some lavender and chamomile. My bath sure felt nice and I feel a little bit better. I am going to work on my project now and then go to bed. Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Miserable Day!

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

I had miserable day today πŸ™ I woke up early to go into work and on the way there I got pulled over by a cop. He gave me a traffic ticket for speeding and he was kind of an asshole about the whole thing. Now I am probably going to have to go traffic school. I was so upset after the whole thing happened. What sucks too is that when I woke up I knew that I was going to get a ticket today, my inner voice that no one listens to must have been telling me. I was rushing to get to work so I could get it all done and then get to school on time. I didnt get my work done so I had to bring it home and I will work on it tomorrow. At least I made it to school on time this evening. School was pretty fun tonight and I learned a lot of stuff, it took my mind off of the ticket I got today. It was so weird because on way home I passed at least 5 cop cars and 2 ambulances, needless to say I was going the speed limit. When I got home, I was a little gloomy but my little dog was here to cheer me up. He was so cute and would not leave me alone! He kept wanting me to love on him so he made me feel a little better. I hope tomorrow is better πŸ™‚ Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

My poor sick doggie!

Friday, February 24th, 2006

I was so busy today! I thought that I would actually have the day off to relax and do all of my homework, but no. I took my dog to the groomers this morning because he was looking pretty scraggaly. The groomers called me while they were cleaning him up and they said that he has an infection. I had to take him to the vet right after that to get hime some antibiotics. He got an infection from the pound when he was there a couple of weeks ago. I got some medicine for him and ran a couple of errands and then came home. One of my errands was stopping at the naughty girl store πŸ™‚ I got this really cute new vibrator. I have never seen one like it; it is like an egg but kind of soft and it is lavender. I cant wait to use it for you all tomorrow. By the time I got home it was dark out and I still have a whole shit load of homework to do. I made myself dinner and then went straight to the books to get some work done. I havent seen my niece in a while and she came over while I was doing my homework. I had to take a little break and spend some time with her. She is so cute, I missed having a little kid around the house. Anyway, I gotta get in my bath and then back to work. Cant wait to try out my new toy for ya! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

Stressed about School!!

Friday, February 10th, 2006

I had the first day of my other class today. I am not sure if I am going to be able to take both classes and work both of my jobs too. This other class is just as much if not more time consuming than the other one. I am not quite sure what to do at this point, I guess I am gonna have to think about it. After I got out of school, I came straight home and made myself some dinner. I brought it in my room so I could watch some TV while I eat. After dinner I took my bath and then I worked out for a bit. I will be up doing homework all night tonight and I will be doing the same thing tomorrow. I was a little stressed about school and work so I decided to just light some candles and turn on some calm music so I could relax for a while. I also turned on all of my blacklights and I put on Pink Floyd’s CD, The Wall and just laid back in my bed trying to clear my mind. I love that album so much and it never gets old! It was so damn relaxing that I totally lost track of time and when I got up I realized that I had been laying there for a while. When I got up I was feeling a bit better and not so stressed so I got out my school books and did some homework. I have to read 100 pages of text total before next week and do reports on it and reading is my worst subject. So I am gonna get get crakin on that. Hugs and Kisses to all!! Luv ya! Michelle

I found my doggie!

Monday, February 6th, 2006

I was so upset yesterday and today because my little poodle was missing. He is like my baby and I love hime so much. I sincerely apologize for missing the webcam show last night and I cant wait to see you all this next weekend. Last night I had to go out and look for my little dog and make fliers to put up around the neighborhood. I couldnt sleep at all last night because I was so sad and this morning when I woke up I went straight to the pound. I wasnt quite sure if I would find him there and just as I was coming up on the last cage, there he was. I was so happy to find my little boy!! Eventhough I found him, getting him out of the pound was the tricky part. The first lady that I talked to was so rude and mean! She was sitting there talking to her friend on her cell phone while I was crying because she would not release my dog. Then I talked to a supervisor and she finally gave me my dog back along with me having to pay an outrageous amount of money. It was all just kind of a big scam but I am very happy to have my boy back! I start school tomorrow and Im a little anxious! Hugs and Kisses! Michelle

No Webcam Show Tonight.

Sunday, February 5th, 2006

My dog is missing, and I have to go home and look for him. I’m sorry guys, but I won’t be having a webcam show tonight. I’ll keep everyone posted on my Chester. πŸ™

No Internet!!

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Oh my gosh, today has been so hectic! I loved it last night though because there was a huge storm! It poured down rain and the wind was so violent that my whole backyard is a huge mess. I just love falling asleep to the sound of a big storm! It pretty much rained all day long today too. The storm last night was so rough that it made the internet go out. I called the cable company and they said that everyone in my area is without the internet now. I need to have it to write these diary entries though so luckily I get some dial up hours per month. It has been such a long time since I used dial up internet service! It is much slower than what I am used to. I went to go see a movie today at the theatre. I saw Wolf Creek because I love scary movies and I have to say that I was rather disappointed. Everyone hyped up the film and then once I actually saw it, it was different than what I expected. I think it had a good story to work with but lacked a lot of things. After I got out of the theatre, I just pranced around in the rain for a little while. I love the rain so much and I dont care if I get all wet. Getting wet is fun πŸ˜‰ My clothes were soaked after I was done playing in the rain so I went home to take a nice hot bath. I ran a hot bubble bath for myself, got naked and hopped right in. After my bath I started a fire in the fireplace and hung out with my step brother and his family. It was a nice end to a stressful day. Hugs and Kisses! Michelle